What can’t you eat for acne?

Youth is beautiful, but it is often accompanied by some troubles. For example, acne is one of the troubles of youth. Acne on the face is a very annoying thing. After growing acne, special attention should be paid to diet, otherwise it will make the acne situation more serious. So, what can’t you eat for acne?

1. Irritating food. Irritating food can make acne serious, such as onion and garlic. When you have acne, you must refuse to eat it.

2. Tobacco and alcohol foods. Smoking and drinking will not only harm people’s health, but frequent drinking time will cause toxins in the body to be unable to be excreted, thus causing acne to become very serious. If you have acne, refuse alcohol and tobacco.

3. High fat food. High-fat foods can easily lead to acne becoming more serious. High-fat food is a kind of high-calorie food, which is easy to bring a burden to human body, thus easily leading to acne becoming more serious.

4. High sugar food. Foods rich in sugar are very easy to cause an increase in internal heat. Eating too much high-sugar food can lead to more serious acne.

5. Delicate food. Nowadays, most of the foods people eat are fine foods, and they seldom eat foods with high crude fiber content. In fact, delicate food can easily lead to toxin accumulation, which leads to acne becoming more serious.

6. Black food. Black food contains melanin, which easily leads to the deposition of melanin, resulting in scars after acne.

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