What can’t you eat with acne?

There are not many acne on my face, but it will also affect the beauty of my skin. Especially after makeup, I can’t cover these small pimples, which is very annoying, and I feel uncomfortable looking at the pimples on my face. Be sure to pay attention to diet when you have acne on your face, otherwise it will lead to acne getting bigger and bigger, so what can you not eat when you have acne?

1。 Don’t eat greasy food

Eating during acne is really important. First, don’t eat greasy food. Why is it easy to get acne on your face? Because the skin secretes a lot of oil, too much oil will lead to acne. So don’t eat too many fried dough sticks, fried dumplings and French fries at ordinary times. Eating these foods will lead to more and more serious acne.

2。 Don’t eat spicy food

You can’t eat spicy food either, and it’s not just limited to spicy food. As long as it’s irritating, it’s generally not recommended. Some people suffer from acne because they eat a lot of irritating food. If you have acne on your face, you should avoid eating ginger, onions, garlic, peppers, etc. Friends who like to eat hot pot should also give up hot pot temporarily.

Keep good hygiene during acne. Don’t touch your face with your hands all the time. If you touch your face frequently, it will also cause acne on your face. I usually have the habit of smoking and drinking, so I should try my best to quit smoking and drinking, so that I can have a clean and flawless skin.

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