What causes cervical cancer?

Women’s cervical parts are very prone to some diseases, such as cervical polyps and cervical cysts. Moreover, among all kinds of cancers, the incidence of cervical cancer is relatively high. Therefore, female friends need to pay attention to the prevention of cervical cancer in their lives. So, what causes cervical cancer?

There are many factors leading to cervical cancer, such as virus infection, which is one of the most important causes of cervical cancer. Women who are infected with HPV for a long time are prone to cervical cancer. Medical statistics show that more than 90% of cervical cancer is caused by persistent infection of human papillomavirus.

If women want to prevent cervical cancer, they should try to avoid being infected by human papillomavirus. You can choose vaccination, which can effectively prevent human papillomavirus infection and greatly reduce the incidence of cervical cancer. As long as there are conditions, female friends should be vaccinated against human papillomavirus.

In addition to human papillomavirus infection, taking oral contraceptives for a long time may also cause cervical cancer. Women who take contraceptives continuously for more than 5 years will have a significantly higher risk of cervical cancer. In addition, unclean sex life is also a common cause of cervical cancer. Therefore, in order to prevent cervical cancer, female friends should not take birth control pills for a long time besides being vaccinated with human papillomavirus, and avoid the occurrence of unclean sex life.

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