What causes dizziness and edema?

Dizziness is a common adverse symptom, which can be caused by many reasons, such as motion sickness, high blood pressure and insufficient blood supply to the brain. While some people are dizzy, they will be accompanied by some other symptoms, such as eye edema. So, what causes dizziness and edema?

The symptoms of dizziness and edema may be caused by kidney problems, so everyone should check in time, and have routine urine test and renal function test, so as to know whether they have kidney diseases. In addition, if there is endocrine disorder, symptoms of dizziness and eye edema may also occur.

Everyone should live regularly, such as work and rest time, eating, etc. It is best not to stay up late, otherwise it will easily lead to endocrine disorders, and then some adverse symptoms, such as dizziness, eye edema, etc. If you are a woman, endocrine disorders may also affect menstruation.

Nowadays, many people suffer from cervical spondylosis, which will cause neck pain. Moreover, when cervical spondylosis is serious, it will lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain. At this time, patients will have symptoms of dizziness and eye edema. Everyone should pay attention to cervical spondylosis. It is best to treat it in time and do a good job of nursing at ordinary times. At present, there are many methods to treat cervical spondylosis, such as surgical treatment, drug treatment and TCM physiotherapy.

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