What causes kidney yin deficiency?

The problem of kidney yin deficiency has plagued many people, and there are often bad symptoms that have a lot of influences on daily life, and there are many causes. Only by finding out the specific reasons can we effectively solve the disease. So, what is the cause of kidney yin deficiency?

Kidney yin deficiency may be caused by illness, which has a great influence on human body, and will also lead to excessive consumption of kidney, which in turn will induce kidney yin deficiency. Common diseases include hypertension, tuberculosis and chronic nephritis, so after these diseases appear, they should be treated as soon as possible to prevent further harm. Fever will also affect the kidney, which is the cause of kidney yin deficiency, so when fever symptoms appear, it is best to pay more attention.

Being in bad mood for a long time will easily lead to abnormal health, so we should pay attention to personal mood changes and actively adjust them. Bad mood will consume kidney yin, which will lead to the emergence of kidney yin deficiency. If sexual life is too frequent, the kidney will be damaged to some extent, and eventually kidney yin deficiency will be induced, so sexual life should be restrained.

Kidney yin deficiency is an unhealthy manifestation, which can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine. Besides conditioning with traditional Chinese medicine, diet therapy can also be carried out. Some foods are good for treating kidney yin deficiency, such as Tremella fuciformis, which can not only nourish yin and moisten lung, but also beautify and rejuvenate skin. Women will like to eat it, which can relieve dry throat and thirst caused by yin deficiency.

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