What complications will hepatitis B cause?

Hepatitis B is a serious liver disease, most of which is caused by virus infection. Patients with this disease usually have symptoms of physical discomfort, especially fatigue, loss of appetite, discomfort in liver areas, etc. However, the condition is different. If it is not treated in time, it will cause adverse consequences. So, what complications will hepatitis B cause?

Hepatitis B can cause arthritis, and the probability of such complications is relatively large, and even there will be activity disorder. Arthritis will disappear after hepatitis improves. Patients with hepatitis B will also be complicated with diabetes. If they don’t pay attention to eating habits, they will often eat greasy food, which will cause fat accumulation in the liver and cause fatty liver.

After suffering from hepatitis B, if the kidney damage is serious, the urine protein will increase, sometimes causing nephritis symptoms. If treated according to nephritis, the effect may not be very good. Hepatitis virus will also cause myocarditis, which is often manifested as palpitation, chest tightness and chest pain, etc. These are some complications that will occur only after the aggravation of hepatitis B. Only by active prevention can the occurrence of complications be reduced.

Patients should be treated with antiviral therapy, and their condition should be tested regularly. When abnormal liver function is found, they should be treated. If liver function is normal, they should not be treated for the time being, and they should be reviewed regularly. At the same time, they should also have a proper rest to ensure adequate sleep, and develop good eating habits.

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