What department does children with paronychia hang?

People’s nails are growing all the time, and some people will have some abnormal symptoms, such as nails growing into meat. This will not only cause pain, but also easily lead to paronychia, so it is necessary to carry out anti-inflammatory treatment in time. So, what department do children with paronychia hang?

Children need pediatric surgery when they have paronychia. Paronychia is caused by the growth of nails into meat, and it is easy to cause inflammation after the nails puncture the skin. The symptoms are redness and swelling in the nail groove of hands or toes, and sometimes some purulent secretions.

When you have paronychia, you should pay attention to disinfection and apply some anti-inflammatory drugs. If the symptoms are serious, such as aggravation of redness and purulent secretion, it is necessary to go to the hospital in time, and if necessary, surgical treatment is needed.

If you want to prevent paronychia, you should be careful when you cut your nails. Do not leave nail stubble in the paronychia, or you will easily puncture your skin. In addition, the feet are more prone to paronychia, so people should wear appropriate clothes instead of small and tight shoes. Parents need to pay attention to the growth of their children’s feet. Once they find that their shoes are small, they must change them in time.

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