What department does the thyroid hang?

There are many organs and tissues in the human body, and the mammary gland is familiar to women, which is the source of lactation, and the thyroid gland is also an important organ. Once abnormal, it will cause obvious symptoms, which will have an impact on the life of patients. So, what is the department of mammary gland and thyroid gland?

The thyroid gland is attached to endocrinology department. Although it is a different organ, there is a great relationship between the two. If the thyroid gland is abnormal, it will lead to the breast being tied up, resulting in poor development of the breast and even breast overflow. Therefore, if the thyroid gland is abnormal, it is best to go to the hospital for treatment.

There are many kinds of breast diseases, such as hyperplasia of mammary glands, which often causes pain in breast, which is aggravated before menstruation, and can be relieved after menstruation. Sometimes, the pain will develop, and even spread to armpits and other parts. When touching the breast, it will feel a little thicker and even touch the lumps. This disease occurs at any age, especially in lactating women. If conditions permit, women can have regular breast examinations to protect the health of their breasts.

Hyperthyroidism is a common thyroid disease, which can cause swelling of the neck. The patient’s temperament becomes irritable and very excited, and his body is obviously thin. When suffering from thyroid breast disease, he should not only need treatment, but also pay attention to rest and avoid excessive exercise, which will easily affect his condition.

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