What diet should you pay attention to during pregnancy?

Don’t blindly think that you need supplements during pregnancy, so you go to the mall to buy supplements and come back to supplement them. This is wrong. Not all the supplements can be used by pregnant mothers, and some supplements are even harmful to pregnant mothers. You should take supplements under the guidance of doctors. Nutrition is not necessary, and sometimes diet can replace it, and it is not necessarily better than making up the difference directly. So, what diet should we pay attention to during pregnancy?

1. Have a balanced diet and reasonable nutrition. Pregnant mothers should not be picky eaters. They should diversify their diet and add coarse grains, fruits and vegetables appropriately to prevent overeating.

2. Do not drink strong tea and coffee. The effective substances in coffee and tea can help pregnant mothers relieve some symptoms. Pregnant mothers can drink a little, but don’t drink strong tea and a lot of coffee. These drinks contain a lot of caffeine. Excessive consumption will affect the serious development of fetus, which may lead to malformation of fetus in early pregnancy.

3. We should not always think that fat is harmful to our health, but fully understand fat.

4. Some nutrients are not suitable for pregnant women. Before deciding to buy nutrients, pregnant women should consult an experienced obstetrician.

In addition, we should insist on proper weight gain. Weight gain should be moderate. If weight gain is too fast, it will cause macrosomia, increase the risk of dystocia, and induce diabetes, chronic hypertension and pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome. If the weight is too low, it will affect the growth and development of the fetus, resulting in insufficient nutrition.

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