What disease is dry mouth?

Attention should be paid to physical discomfort, and a detailed examination should be made in the hospital. Some people may be thirsty. Drinking a lot of water will not help. They are worried that there is something wrong with their health. So what is dry mouth?

Dry mouth may be caused by the following diseases:

1. Sjogren syndrome.

Sjogren’s syndrome is an autoimmune disease. Patients will feel lack of saliva and dry mouth in the early stage, and then they will feel suffering from swallowing. Especially when eating, it will feel hard to swallow, and it needs to be swallowed together with water. At night, it will feel very dry.

2. Oral diseases.

After suffering from oral diseases, it will lead to pathological changes of oral glands and decrease of saliva, which will lead to symptoms of dry mouth. Some elderly people have degenerated tissues and functions, and after oral gland atrophy, they will also have symptoms of dry mouth. This dry mouth is physiological and can be treated in hospital.

3. Diabetes.

Early symptoms of diabetes are dry mouth, polyuria, weight loss and so on. When the patient’s blood sugar rises, the urine output will also increase, and the body will feel dry after losing a lot of water. Therefore, after these symptoms appear, you must go to the hospital to check whether you are suffering from diabetes.

4. Hyperthyroidism

If thyroid function is abnormal, symptoms such as dry mouth, fever, sweating, goiter and exophthalmos will also occur. Early symptoms are not obvious, so patients are not easy to find. Hyperthyroidism can be found by thyroid function examination, and once found, it should be treated in time.

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