What do children do for strabismus?

Vision is very important to people, so we should pay attention to the protection of vision in normal times. Some parents find that their children have strabismus, so they are very worried. At this time, the best choice is to take the child to the hospital for examination immediately, and then make positive corrections. So, what should children do for strabismus?

If children have strabismus, they should first check their eye movements. No matter what type of strabismus, this is a routine inspection item that must be done. Especially in the case of strabismus under paralysis, eye movement examination is of great significance for the diagnosis and operation of diseases.

Children have strabismus, so parents should pay attention to it and go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible. Besides eye movement examination, refractive examination is also needed, so as to know the severity of amblyopia and the relationship between strabismus and refraction. In addition, if strabismus surgery is to be performed, quantitative examination is also required, which is very important for confirming strabismus angle.

Some children also need to be examined for epilepsy, which is easy to do and usually can be seen by experienced doctors at a glance. However, for intermittent strabismus, it should be checked by covering the same room. Parents should pay attention to timely comfort if their children are too young, so that the examination can be carried out smoothly.

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