What do pregnant women eat when getting angry and getting acne?

After pregnancy, hormone secretion will change, so it may not be specially adapted at the beginning of pregnancy, and if the hormone level changes, it may also be reflected on the skin, for example, it may grow acne or become silent. However, under any circumstances, acne or some skin problems will cause people special troubles, and pregnant women can’t use skin care products casually. So what can pregnant women do to relieve acne when they get angry?

First, you can eat tomatoes or cherry tomatoes, which contain more vitamin C and lycopene, which can reduce sebum secretion and play a better role in removing acne. In addition, eating tomatoes can actually help detoxify and keep young, so if acne grows, you can consider eating some tomatoes.

Second, you can also eat some cucumber, which can reduce fire and detoxify, so it can alleviate the fire to a certain extent. Although bitter gourd also has the function of removing fire, because bitter gourd contains a substance, it may stimulate the contraction of uterus, which may lead to abortion, so pregnant women cannot eat bitter gourd to help extinguish fire.

Third, drink honey water. Drinking plenty of water when getting angry can actually play a certain role in lowering the fire, and it can also help detoxify, drink honey water and relieve constipation.

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