What do you do after childbirth, thin belly?

Everyone wants to be beautiful, so there are a lot of women around who want to recover their good figure quickly after giving birth, and want to achieve the effect of losing weight through some exercises. So, what exercise should I do after giving birth to thin belly?

1. Running: It is estimated that everyone who wants to lose weight will try running, but only a few people insist on running for a long time. In fact, there are many advantages to running for a long time, which can not only digest the excess fat in the body, but also help our limbs grow symmetrically.

2. Dancing: This is a very elegant way to lose weight. Dancing can consume calories in the body. The faster the rhythm, the more fat will be consumed. And dancing won’t make people feel tired, so it’s easier to keep going. Dancing often can reduce the accumulation of fat, and can also help shape beautiful leg lines.

3. Walking: This can be said to be the simplest form of exercise. Pregnant women can do it almost at any time and any place. Walking can enhance the heart function, and can also burn the knowledge in the body to achieve the effect of losing weight.

4, sit-ups: sit-ups as long as you can stick to it for a long time, you can thin your abdomen, but it will be more difficult to do, so many people will not stick to it.

5. Cross-horse step: Cross-horse step is like squatting, which can exercise some muscles of the body. One foot steps forward first, and the body needs to be in a natural state. Bend the front foot about 90 degrees, let the center of the body rest on the back foot, and then slowly let the knee of the back foot descend to the ground.

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