What do you eat during menstruation to detoxify and lose weight?

Many women are looking forward to having a proud figure, which can bring great advantages to interpersonal communication. At the same time, they can also wear beautiful clothes. Those who are obese and willful want to reduce their body fat through safe and effective methods. So what do you eat to detoxify and lose weight during menstruation?

1. During menstruation, women should drink more mild plain boiled water, so that the blood properties can be quickly changed from acidic to weakly alkaline, and the toxins of the body can be discharged. Red beans can also be added with black rice, white sugar and proper amount of water, and the ingredients must be soaked for two hours in advance, put in a pot and decocted for a long time over medium heat. This kind of food can also achieve the purpose of reducing body fat.

2. Red beans have a strong detoxification function. Adding black rice can help the excess water in the body and drain it out quickly, which can effectively increase the peristalsis of gastrointestinal tract. In addition, you can also use lotus leaves, roses and other ingredients to cross and soak in water during menstruation, which can effectively reduce the body fat and achieve the purpose of slimming.

3. When entering the menstrual period, women should keep their bodies warm, not eat cold things, and wear trousers with high waist to avoid catching cold in the waist and abdomen. For underwear worn closely, they should be replaced and cleaned in time. Do not wear chemical fiber materials, you can choose pure cotton materials, put them in special basins, avoid mixing them with other clothes, and then put them in the sun for a long time, which can effectively eliminate the bacteria on them.

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