What do you eat less in your hair?

For everyone, how much hair is very important. If there is a lot of hair, it is difficult to take care of it, but a lot of modeling can be done. However, people with little hair are very distressed. Whether it is congenital or acquired, they must find ways to increase their hair. So what do you eat less for your hair?

You can eat more oats, which contain many vitamins and nutrients needed by the human body and have a good effect on hair growth. You can also eat black sesame, black beans, spinach, walnuts and houttuynia cordata. Among them, Houttuynia cordata may have some special taste, which is not particularly good at the beginning of eating, but it will be much better when you get used to it.

Other foods are common in life, and people with little hair can eat some at ordinary times, which will greatly help hair growth. If there is less hair caused by diseases, it needs regular treatment to make hair grow more. For example, alopecia areata is a skin disease, which needs drugs to be treated and recovered.

If there is less congenital hair, you must take good care of it in your life, don’t wash or even dye your hair frequently, don’t use a hair dryer to blow your hair every time, and often do things that hurt your hair, which will make your hair less and less. For women and men, it is particularly troublesome.

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