What do you eat with a cold and dry mouth?

When people have a fever in the process of catching a cold, it is easy to lose a lot of water in the body, which leads to dry mouth. So what do you eat with a cold, fever and dry mouth?

1. Fresh fruits. For patients with cold and fever, they must eat more fresh vegetables and fruits in their daily life, because these two foods are rich in calcium, zinc and various vitamins, and these vitamins can effectively improve their own immunity and have a certain inhibitory effect on cold viruses.

2. Eat soft food. When patients have a cold and fever, it is best to eat some soft food, such as noodles and porridge. Because this kind of food can not only provide energy and heat needed by human body, but also be more conducive to digestion, which is also excellent for illness.

For patients with heavy taste, if they feel that the taste of thin and soft food is not particularly good. At this time, you can add some fresh mushrooms in the middle of the week or noodles, and then add some salt and sesame oil.

3. Drink chicken soup. Chicken soup contains a variety of ingredients needed by the human body, which can enhance its own resistance. Especially, drinking chicken soup properly at the early stage of a cold can effectively remove the virus content in the respiratory tract, so as to restore the breathing to a normal state, and effectively alleviate the cold and fever. Although chicken soup can effectively alleviate the illness, it should not be eaten too much at one time, otherwise it will have a certain burden on the stomach.

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