What does a man’s pig’s hoof mean?

Recently, a very popular TV series, Story of Yanxi Palace, in which the emperor was called “Big Pig’s Hoop”, many girls may know the meaning of this big pig’s Hoop, but most boys don’t understand it, so they may think that this is a way for girls to play coquetry. So, what do men mean by big pig’s feet? Next, Xiaobian will talk about what this stalk is.

1. Big pig’s hoof is not to say that pig’s hoof is nutritious and rich in protein, and women can’t live without men, but refers to men who are half-hearted, selfish and not devoted enough. However, women are more reserved and don’t want to swear at men, so they compare this type of men to “big pig’s trotters”.

2. When a woman scolds a man as a big pig’s hoof, the man should apologize immediately for his desire to survive, and bow down and apologize first, whether he did something wrong or not. Big pig’s hoof is actually a bad thing for men, not a good thing. When a man understands this meaning, he will know that it is not coquetry, and he must take action, otherwise he will easily make a big mistake.

3. In real life, when many men pursue women, they can promise anything and accommodate everything. But when a woman promises and catches up with her, it is not the same thing, and she has no sense of responsibility, and she will talk back what she says. Men of this type will inevitably be called big pig’s trotters by women.

After reading this article, do you know what a man’s big pig’s hoof means? In fact, the big pig’s trotters are not available on TV today, they have been around for a long time, but they are more popular recently. Instead of being a pig’s hoof, a man should be a considerate man and give care to women, so that life will be happy.

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