What does hyperplasia of mammary glands mean?

Women should pay attention to the health of mammary glands, and they should often conduct self-examination at ordinary times, and it is best to go to the hospital for examination regularly. Some women will suffer from hyperplasia of mammary glands. After the examination, the examination list will say that there are two types of hyperplasia of mammary glands, and most people don’t know their meanings. So, what does hyperplasia of mammary glands mean?

Mammary hyperplasia category 2 is a description of the mammary gland after women have undergone breast color Doppler ultrasound examination. This shows that the female breast has simple hyperplasia, and there are no tumors and nodules. If it is hyperplasia of mammary glands, it means that there are tumors, but most of them are benign.

When women suffer from hyperplasia of mammary glands, they should pay attention to it and actively treat it. The specific treatment should be decided according to the illness. Usually, mild hyperplasia of mammary glands can be treated by taking medicine, and regular reexamination is required to understand the treatment effect.

For serious hyperplasia of mammary glands, surgery should be performed, which can completely remove the hyperplasia of mammary glands. In addition, the resected tissues should be analyzed to find out whether there is any lesion. Many women are afraid of surgery. In fact, mastectomy is a small operation, which will not cause great trauma, and it can recover soon after operation. In addition, the doctor will choose a hidden place to cut the knife, so it will not affect the beauty.

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