What does stubborn eczema mean?

Eczema is a relatively common skin disease, which affects skin health and brings certain troubles to daily life. Many people have mild eczema and will soon recover after relevant treatment, but some people are hard to recover and become stubborn eczema. Let’s take a look at what stubborn eczema means.

Refractory eczema refers to eczema that has not been cured for a long time. At the beginning, it is usually erythema papules, which may cause blisters, itching and other related symptoms. Later, due to incorrect treatment or repeated illness, moss-like changes will occur, and the texture will be hard when touched by hands, which will gradually become intractable eczema.

Refractory eczema will not only affect personal appearance and image, but also have great influence on daily life, because there will be obvious itching. In view of this situation, you can go to a professional medical institution to see a doctor, and adopt corresponding treatment schemes under the guidance of a doctor, such as local closed injection of drugs and oral antihistamines, and can also be applied with external ointment. Generally, if you cooperate with the doctor carefully, you can usually recover.

If you have intractable eczema, you should pay attention to conditioning in your daily life. Try not to eat spicy food to avoid adverse effects on the treatment of the disease. You can usually eat more fresh vegetables and fruits and drink plenty of water to ensure adequate sleep and not stay up late, which is beneficial to the recovery of the disease.

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