What does the second trimester mean?

As we all know, the third trimester is called the third trimester from the seventh month of pregnancy to the day of delivery. During the third trimester, pregnant mothers have experienced a lot of birth check-ups. It takes about two weeks to go to the hospital for a check-up, so as to effectively check the health of the fetus. What does the second trimester mean?

If you do colonoscopy in the third trimester, the examination result indicates that it is Grade II in the third trimester, then this situation is completely normal, and pregnant women need not be particularly worried. This examination result means that the placental function of pregnant women is relatively mature, but it is not about to give birth. It is suggested that healthy pregnant women can do some exercise at this time to help them give birth.

In the third trimester, because women’s abdomen is already large and placenta is gradually mature, they can do some exercises within their ability, which will not harm the fetus. However, keep in mind the excessive movements, you can take a proper walk after meals or judge according to your own situation, and whether you need to do some yoga for pregnant women to exercise.

At the same time, the second-level puerpera in the third trimester should have a more balanced nutrition, and develop a better life rule. Instead of eating spicy and stimulating carbon baked foods that are easy to get angry, they can eat more fruits and vegetables, and supplement various nutritional substances that need to be supplemented, so as to have a pregnancy test on time.

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