What effect does sharing a room in the first three months of pregnancy have on the fetus?

After a woman is pregnant, she should pay attention to some details in her life, such as eating and traveling. Pregnant women should avoid using cosmetics and stay away from radiation. Generally, in the early and late stages of pregnancy, it is not suitable for sharing a room. Only in the second trimester of pregnancy, can we have a proper room. So, what is the effect of sharing a room in the first three months of pregnancy on the fetus?

It is very easy for women to have sex in the early stage of pregnancy, which leads to miscarriage. Generally, in the early stage of pregnancy, the connection between placenta and mother is not very strong, and placenta is particularly fragile. If you have sex, it will easily lead to uterine contraction, which will increase the probability of miscarriage, so you can’t have sex in the early pregnancy.

In the second trimester of pregnancy, if all the pregnant women and fetuses are normal, it is possible to sleep together moderately. However, the frequency of sharing a room should not be too high, and when sharing a room, it should not be too intense. Especially to protect pregnant women’s stomachs from being squeezed. Some pregnant women may have bleeding symptoms when they are in the same room. At this time, they should seek medical advice in time and must find out the cause of bleeding.

If something abnormal happens in the middle of pregnancy, you can’t share a room. At the seventh month of pregnancy, it enters the third trimester, at which time, no matter whether there is any abnormality, it is impossible to sleep with each other. Because if you share a room at this time, it may cause premature birth.

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