What effect does vitamin B have on skin?

Life needs a lot of nutrients while maintaining health, among which vitamins are one, and vitamins are of great help in treating some skin diseases. No matter which element is lacking, skin will have problems, so what is the effect of vitamin B on skin?

Vitamin B is not a single vitamin, which has a certain auxiliary effect on acne. When sebaceous glands are too developed, sebum secretion will be very vigorous, and pores will be easily blocked. If sebaceous glands continue to secrete oil, oil will accumulate in pores to form acne. After the acne grows, the vitamin B family can be mixed with mineral water to make paste and applied to the acne, which will smooth the acne and eliminate the inflammation of the acne.

Vitamin B family includes a lot of vitamin B, and vitamin b1 can promote blood circulation, make blood better metabolize in the process of formation, help human body to perceive, and make brain function play its best state, which plays a positive role in body growth and appetite, and can help people improve their learning ability, alleviate aging and avoid the adverse effects of alcohol and tobacco on human body.

Vitamin b2 contained in vitamin B family can help the formation of red blood cells, and cells have a better function when breathing, which is a necessary vitamin for growth. If eyes are tired, they can also take vitamin b2 to relieve them and prevent cataract.

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