What effect does vitamin b2 have on skin?

Nowadays, people, whether male or female, pay great attention to their skin condition, especially young people want their skin to be smooth, white and flawless. Some doctors will tell you that you can use vitamin b2 if you want skin to be good. This suggestion makes many people feel very strange. Does vitamin b2 have any special effect on skin? So let’s take you to know what effect vitamin b2 has on skin today.

1. Vitamin b2 can inhibit the formation of wrinkles on the skin. If a person is seriously deficient in vitamin b2, the skin is particularly prone to wrinkles, because without the effect of vitamin b2, the elasticity of the skin will become worse and worse.

2. Without vitamin b2, the skin will become very dry, especially after taking a bath, there will be a very strong feeling of tightness, because vitamin b2 can help the skin replenish water and lock in moisture.

2. If the skin is deficient in vitamin b2, it will not be easy to heal in case of trauma or ulceration, because vitamin b2 can nourish the skin. After the skin is deficient in nutrition, it will be troublesome to heal after being damaged.

In fact, except for vitamin b2, all the nutrients in vitamin B family are needed by human skin, which does not mean that vitamin b2 is needed. Vitamin B6 can help the secretion of skin body-building oil, and vitamin b1 can prevent fungal infection, which need to be supplemented for a long time.

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