What examination must be done before pregnancy?

Women usually pay more attention to physical exercise, especially during pregnancy preparation, and run outdoors properly to improve human immunity and avoid discomfort during pregnancy, which can effectively prevent infection. However, all aspects of physical examination should be done well. Only when the fetus is in good health can it grow up healthily and avoid the harm of abortion. So, what examination must be done before pregnancy?

Urine routine and blood routine examination should be done before pregnancy, which is a common examination item. If local inflammation occurs, it is best to treat the inflammation. Women should consider pregnancy again to avoid affecting the growth of fetus. In addition, liver function examination should be done to prevent infectious diseases such as hepatitis B. These diseases are contagious and can be transmitted through placenta, causing great harm.

Thyroid hormone examination is also very important, and electrocardiogram examination may cause rapid heartbeat or hypertension during pregnancy, so it is necessary to carry out examination in advance to eliminate some high-risk factors, and it is also necessary to check gynecological diseases. If pelvic inflammatory disease or vaginitis and other gynecological diseases exist, it will affect the implantation of fertilized eggs, and it is difficult for women to get pregnant.

Do a physical examination before pregnancy, and choose the time of conception according to your physical condition. If you have gynecological diseases, it is best to treat them earlier. After the symptoms have improved, you can prepare for pregnancy.

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