What exercise can resist colds?

There are a lot of colds. If the body’s constitution is fragile, once the season changes, it is easy to have cold symptoms. If the condition is not serious, drink more boiled water to recuperate. If the cold can recover by itself, the resistance will be constantly improved to avoid the harm caused by drugs to the constitution. So, what sports can resist the cold?

Indoor skipping can resist colds. If you don’t have enough activities çİş, indoor skipping is a good choice. It is a relatively simple fitness activity, which can exercise your whole body muscles and enhance your immunity. Skipping for ten minutes is not too tiring, and it is also suitable for busy office workers.

It is also good to play badminton regularly. Playing badminton for one hour every day can greatly enhance immunity and prevent other diseases such as coronary heart disease. Tai Ji Chuan is also suitable for cold patients. It is a mild exercise method. Through slow movements, it can relieve physical fatigue, improve sleep and promote the recovery of cold.

After eating every night, patients can go out for a walk, which can not only promote digestion, but also enhance their physical fitness. Patients also need to pay attention to their diet. After catching a cold, they have no appetite, but this is not good for the recovery of illness. It is best to supplement nutrition appropriately, eat more fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water to promote detoxification in the body.

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