What families do children with stunting look at?

Parents pay more attention to their children’s development, so they often measure their weight and height, which are the basic data of their children’s bodies and can reflect their development. If children show signs of stunting, they need to seek medical treatment in time, and should be actively treated. So, what subjects do children with stunting look at?

Children with stunting should be enrolled in neurology and endocrinology. Children’s growth retardation may be caused by abnormal nervous system. Moreover, when a child’s endocrine function is disordered, it will also affect the development of the body, resulting in the problem of stunting.

After the examination, it is confirmed that the child has the problem of stunting, so it is necessary to actively treat the child according to the cause. If it is caused by nervous system factors, doctors will use drugs in a targeted manner. Parents should take their children for regular reexamination to confirm the effect of treatment while taking medicine according to the doctor’s advice.

Some children’s growth retardation is caused by lack of nutrition, so it is necessary to pay attention to supplementing nutrition at this time. Nowadays, many children are picky eaters, which may lack some important nutritional elements. After the child has the problem of stunting, it is necessary to adjust the child’s diet, and the food intake should be diversified. In addition, doctors may give children growth hormone.

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