What food can’t pregnant women eat in early stage?

After pregnancy, because there is a baby in the belly, pregnant women can’t eat casually, especially when the embryo is unstable at the early stage of pregnancy. So, what food can’t pregnant women eat at the early stage?

At the early stage of pregnancy, most pregnant women will have pregnancy reaction, so they need to eat light food at this time, so as to avoid the symptoms of nausea and vomiting. If you eat spicy, greasy and indigestible food, it is easy to aggravate the pregnancy reaction of pregnant women.

Avoid barbecues, bacon, sausages and other pickled foods, malatang, canned food, carbonated drinks, coffee, strong tea, alcohol and cigarettes during pregnancy. If someone in a pregnant woman’s home likes smoking, then be sure to stay away from smokers or let smokers smoke outside, not at home. Otherwise, once a pregnant woman inhales secondhand smoke for a long time, it will easily cause fetal malformation.

Folic acid should be supplemented in early pregnancy until the end of early pregnancy. During pregnancy, you should choose foods containing vitamins and protein, and eat meat properly. You can drink milk powder for pregnant women at ordinary times, which can also help to supplement calcium. In addition, fish, beans, fruits, vegetables, nuts and other foods should be balanced in nutrition intake. Only by eating healthy and nutritious food during pregnancy can the fetus develop and grow better.

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