What food do patients with gastric ulcer usually eat?

Nowadays, many people often suffer from irregular diet or overeating because of great mental stress at work, so they will induce gastrointestinal diseases, such as gastric ulcer. So what food should gastric ulcer patients usually eat?

The main symptoms of gastric ulcer are stomach discomfort, such as stomachache, bloating, loss of appetite, etc., and some may even vomit blood or discharge black stools. Gastric ulcer is mainly treated with drugs, and changes in diet are also needed. The diet should be light, and try to eat easily digestible foods, such as various congees, vegetables and fruits, soups, etc. Don’t eat too hot and cold food, drink more warm water every day, and eat less or no cold drinks, spicy and irritating food.

Gastric ulcer is a disease that can be cured radically. As long as you actively take drugs under the guidance of doctors and pay attention to conditioning in your diet, you will gradually recover. However, some patients with gastric ulcer may die due to acute perforation and massive bleeding.

For the sake of one’s health, when one finds that one’s stomach is unwell, one must actively go to the hospital and check through gastroscopy. Once it is determined that it is a stomach disease, such as gastric ulcer, gastritis, etc., it is necessary to actively treat it. At the same time, it is necessary to eat regularly and eat three meals a day, especially breakfast, which is nutritious and digestible.

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