What food do pregnant women eat for gastroenteritis?

Pregnant women often feel hungry, and eat more food every day, but there are also many things that can’t be eaten, such as fried barbecue, pickled things, etc. Eating too much is not good for their health, so they should eat more nutritious food in normal times. If they eat spoiled food and cause bacterial invasion, it will cause gastroenteritis. So, what food should pregnant women eat to recuperate gastroenteritis?

Pregnant women should eat millet porridge to recuperate from gastroenteritis. It is recommended not to eat cold food and try not to be greasy. Appropriate hot compress can be applied. When gastroenteritis breaks out, nausea and vomiting will occur, accompanied by diarrhea. Therefore, avoid eating, so as not to irritate the stomach and intestines, and cause the disease to recur again.

Diarrhea and vomiting have occurred. In order to avoid dehydration symptoms, pregnant women should be replenished with water. If the symptoms are alleviated, they can eat food, such as eating some nutritious foods such as fish and eggs, which is beneficial to the development of fetus, but it is not suitable to make a big supplement, because pregnant women have just recovered and their intestines and stomach can’t accept too many things.

Although gastroenteritis is a common disease, it is harmful to health, especially for pregnant women, who have low resistance and are prone to various diseases. In life, we should pay attention to our own diet, do not blindly supplement nutrition, and do not eat spoiled food, which is prone to acute gastroenteritis due to many bacteria.

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