What food do you eat for toothache?

Toothache is a headache for many people, because the appearance of toothache symptoms will not only cause severe pain and discomfort, but also have a certain impact on normal life and work, and the psychological mood of patients will also be affected to some extent. I would like to ask what food to eat when toothache gets angry.

After suffering from toothache due to excessive internal heat, patients can drink some drinks such as mung bean soup and honeysuckle tea, and pay attention to the light diet. When cooking food, they should put less pungent seasonings such as pepper, onion, ginger and garlic, keep the light taste, and eat some foods such as fish, shrimp, eggs, pears and oranges, which can alleviate the toothache due to excessive internal heat.

If the toothache symptoms have not been improved all the time, the patients should go to the Stomatological Hospital for detailed examination in time to find out the specific causes of toothache, see if there are any lesions in the teeth and periodontal, and then make symptomatic treatment. If it is a toothache symptom caused by gingivitis or dental caries, anti-inflammatory treatment is needed, and root treatment is needed to remove the decayed part, so as to effectively alleviate the toothache symptoms.

In addition, we should develop good hygiene habits in our daily life, brush our teeth frequently in the morning and evening, and gargle after meals, so as to maintain oral hygiene, avoid food residue and effectively prevent dental caries. At the same time, we should develop good eating habits and try to eat less candy, chocolate, cakes and the like, so as to avoid tooth decay and affect tooth health.

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