What food does male kidney yin deficiency eat?

Kidney deficiency is not a minor problem, and drug treatment is the only scientific treatment. However, the treatment process of kidney deficiency is very long, and daily health care measures must be persistently adhered to by patients, and auxiliary treatment like kidney deficiency is also very important. What food do men eat for kidney yin deficiency?

Donkey meat is one of the most suitable foods for men to eat when they are sick. Its taste is very delicate, and it contains high protein and low fat. If men eat donkey meat for a long time, it can effectively improve the symptoms such as weak waist and weak erection caused by liver and kidney deficiency.

There is also a sword bean, which has the function of warming spleen and tonifying kidney. Some people say it is a red bean seed planted for yang deficiency, which is very suitable for daily consumption.

Most people like lychees very much when riding a princess in the world of mortals and laughing. In modern medicine, litchi can improve sexual function, and can be used to treat spermatorrhea, impotence, premature ejaculation and other symptoms, and can also improve anemia, insomnia and forgetfulness.

Leek is a common food, and most people think it is a tonic. There is also a name of leek called Qiyangcao, which shows its efficacy. There are many functions of leek, such as warming yang, strengthening yang and promoting blood circulation. If a patient suffers from constipation at the same time, eating leek can also relieve constipation, but the most important health care function is warming yang.

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