What food is good for coughing?

There will be alternating seasons. Many people don’t do a good job of keeping warm, so they have a cold, which is usually accompanied by cough and runny nose, which makes patients feel uncomfortable. Cough for a long time will also lead to pneumonia. Therefore, patients can’t be careless, so it’s best to go to the hospital for treatment in time. So, what food should I eat for a cold and cough?

It’s good to eat pears when you have a cold. Pears have a good antitussive effect. They have the functions of producing saliva, quenching thirst, clearing away heat and relieving cough. There are many ways to make pears. They can be boiled together with Chuanbei and rock sugar, or steamed in a pot and eaten with some sugar. The results are all very good. Patients can also eat some apples, decoct apples and tremella in soup, and drink apple juice, which has a certain effect on treating cough.

Patients can also eat some almonds, which also have antitussive and expectorant effects. If it is a cold and cough caused by wind and cold, you can also drink some Jiang Shui, add it to clear water and boil it, then add a proper amount of brown sugar, which not only has the effect of dispelling cold, but also can prevent colds and warm the stomach.

Honey has the effect of relieving cough, and the thicker honey is, the better its nutritional components will be, which has a certain effect on preventing and treating colds, and can also help reduce phlegm and clean up respiratory tract. When you have a cold and cough, you should not eat food at random. The diet should be balanced and nutritious, and light.

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