What foods should I pay attention to during pregnancy?

When giving birth to a new life, pregnant women are all excited and happy, but they can’t take care of their excitement. After pregnancy, they should have a lot of preparations, and they should know more about it, so that they can spend it safely and avoid affecting the fetus. So, what foods should we pay attention to during pregnancy?

It is necessary to pay attention to fried foods during pregnancy, including fried dough sticks and barbecues. Such high-temperature fried foods are easy to contain carcinogens and will have toxic effects on embryos. Therefore, pregnant women should try not to eat them, and there are also pickled foods, such as sausages and pickled vegetables. After being pickled, the vitamin loss is large, and there is a lot of salt, which will easily increase the burden on the kidneys and make the taste much heavier.

Animal liver is rich in nutrition, so pregnant women should eat it in moderation to supplement nutrition for their bodies. Pregnant women should eat fresh and healthy food, such as carrots and other vegetables, and also timely supplement fruits, which can supplement vitamins and improve their immunity. If you vomit badly, you should pay attention to eating something light to avoid dehydration or malnutrition.

Pregnant women need proper calcium supplementation, either orally or by eating more dairy products. Egg yolk and green vegetables contain folic acid, which is necessary for pregnant women to supplement. If folic acid is insufficient, oral folic acid should also be taken to avoid fetal malformation.

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