What fruit do you eat when you have a fever?

When you have a fever, you may want to eat some food because of some physical conditions. For example, when you have a fever, the whole person may be weak and feel thirsty, so you want to drink more water or eat some food with more water. So most people may choose to eat some fruits with more water. So what fruit is better when you have a fever?

First, you can eat watermelon, because watermelon itself is cool and has a lot of water, so eating watermelon when you have a fever can help relieve the high body temperature and sore throat. In addition, watermelon can also help defecation to relieve fever. In fact, it can also help the virus in the body to be quickly discharged, which can make fever better and faster.

Second, you can also eat some grapes properly. When you have a fever, the water in your body is easy to lose, so you can eat more grapes and have enough water. However, it should be noted that many people don’t like to eat skins when eating grapes, but in fact, many nutrients are in skins, so it is recommended to eat them together.

Third, you can eat oranges. Oranges themselves have more vitamin C. Eating oranges can help strengthen your body’s resistance, but you should pay attention to not eating more. At most, you can’t eat more than 5 oranges a day.

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