What fruit does hepatitis B eat?

Patients with hepatitis B must pay attention to adequate nutrition, improve their immunity and resist the invasion of hepatitis B virus. Besides normal diet, fruit is the best way to supplement nutrition. Eating fruits often is not only beneficial to beauty, but also beneficial to the recovery of illness, which can promote the metabolism of the body and accelerate the improvement of illness. What fruit does hepatitis B eat?

Patients with hepatitis B have a light diet, and fruits can be apples, oranges, grapes, pears and coconuts.

1. Patients with liver qi stagnation due to hepatitis B should eat kumquat and other fruits to make blood flow smooth.

2. Patients with diarrhea due to weakness of spleen and stomach of hepatitis B should eat more longan, litchi, hawthorn and jujube, and avoid persimmon, banana, sugar cane, grapefruit and mulberry.

3. Patients with ascites due to hepatitis B cirrhosis should eat oranges, plums, coconuts and other fruits for diuresis.

Patients with hepatitis B must wash away fruits when eating them, so as to avoid eating deteriorated fruits, so as not to cause greater burden on the liver, which is not conducive to the recovery of the disease. In addition, patients should pay attention to proper amount when eating fruits, so as to avoid digestive and absorption dysfunction caused by excessive fruits.

Whether it is fruit or other foods, the treatment of patients with hepatitis B only has a certain auxiliary effect. The most important thing in treating hepatitis B is to treat them with anti-HBV, and to have regular liver examination at ordinary times. Once abnormal symptoms or obvious discomfort are found, they will go to regular hospitals for examination and treatment, so as to avoid causing major consequences.

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