What fruit is best for acne?

Women are prone to acne, which is due to excessive oil secretion, and then caused pore blockage, so acne will grow. Therefore, when acne grows, it should be solved in time to avoid face damage. So what is the best fruit to remove acne?

1. If women have acne, they can eat more pears. Pears can help lower the fire, so the secretion of oil will be reduced. At the same time, they can eat more bananas, apples and papayas. These foods can help relieve constipation. After defecation, toxins in the body will be discharged, so acne will not occur. Of course, cucumbers can also be used to apply to the face, which can alleviate the excessive secretion of oil.

2. When acne appears on the face, it is best not to squeeze it with your own hands, which will easily cause bacterial infection. It is best to squeeze acne with specific tools, so that it will not cause infection. Moreover, it must be cleaned in time after squeezing, so as not to leave the squeezed things on the skin. Moreover, it is best to use mild face washing tools for cleaning during this period, instead of using irritating face washing tools.

3. Of course, in order to eradicate acne, it is best to shrink pores. Be careful not to wash your face with cold water. Washing your face with cold water can easily destroy pores. If you use cold water after using hot water, you may enlarge pores. Therefore, in order to clean the bacteria inside pores thoroughly, it is best to wash the pores with warm water, which won’t irritate the pores.

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