What fruit to eat to remove acne marks?

After getting acne on my face, I tried to get rid of it, but the acne marks still exist, which is also a skin problem that many people find difficult to remove, because it is difficult to remove the acne marks, and it is impossible to get rid of them all at once. However, if there is an obvious position on my face, it will be very ugly. What fruit to eat to get rid of acne marks?

If you want to get rid of acne marks, you can choose more fruits rich in vitamin C, such as watermelon, orange, strawberry, banana, grape, kiwi fruit, winter jujube, cantaloupe, passion fruit, etc., which are helpful to get rid of acne marks. But the help is very weak. Even if you eat a lot of fruits, you may not be able to get rid of the acne marks on your face.

If you want to get rid of acne marks on your face faster and better, you can choose to apply some vitamin E or other skin care products that can help you get rid of acne marks on your face. External application will be more effective than eating fruits directly to get rid of acne marks. It is more difficult to remove acne marks than acne marks, and it takes longer to remove them slowly.

If you want to remove acne marks faster and better, you need to use more effective methods, such as medical beauty technology to help remove acne marks, but their cost is relatively high. In order to avoid the hard work of removing acne marks, remember not to squeeze it with your hands or touch it frequently at the beginning of acne.

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