What fruits do anemia eat more?

Anemia occurs frequently, especially for women and children, who often have partial eclipse, irregular diet at ordinary times, lack of nutrition, or excessive menstrual flow, which may cause anemia. In order to relieve symptoms, you can eat more beneficial fruits, which is also good for your health. So, what fruits should you eat for anemia?

It is good to eat more longan for anemia. This kind of fruit is common, and it is easy to buy whether it is dry or fresh. Longan meat contains rich iron and glucose, which can relieve neurasthenia while enriching blood. It is a good product for enriching blood. There are also fruits such as cherry and kiwi fruit, which can also help the absorption of iron. Besides iron supplementation, pork liver, lean meat and egg yolk should also be eaten properly.

Anemia people often have some symptoms, which are mainly manifested in their pale face. Because of insufficient oxygen in the body, the blood circulation is not smooth, so these conditions will occur. These are common symptoms. Moreover, the body is prone to fatigue, and it will cause asthma after a little exercise. In severe cases, it will also bring a burden to the heart, such as palpitations.

If anemia is serious, nails will be very fragile, which will break if you are not careful. In order to relieve anemia in time, patients should be conditioned in time. If diet therapy does not have much effect, you should go to the hospital to supplement iron.

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