What fruits do you eat during menstruation and have long breasts?

Every month, women will experience a few days of menstrual cycle, at which time the body toxins can be discharged well. Many women will also use these days to do effective conditioning on their bodies and help the curves become more exquisite. Therefore, they will choose the food conditioning method. So what fruits do you eat during menstruation and have long breasts?

1. During menstruation, if you want to promote breast re-development, you can choose to eat bananas. This kind of food contains plenty of potassium, and at the same time, the heat is relatively low. Eating 1~2 bananas every day can make the chest grow more obviously, and you can also eat papaya. This kind of fruit has a strong breast enhancement effect. You can choose to cook soup or add honey and steam it in a pot. Besides breast enhancement, you can also burn excessive fat in your body.

2. At this time, you can also eat more kiwi fruits, apples and grapefruit. These ingredients contain plenty of vitamins and various fruit acids, which make them the best choice for body building, especially grapefruit, which has obvious breast enhancement effect. You can choose to eat half of them every time and three times a day.

3. Women should also pay attention to personal hygiene during menstruation, change their underpants every day, adopt hand washing method, and put them in the sun for a long time to prevent them from being contaminated with bacteria and mites. At the same time, they should use warm towels to apply hot compress on the outside of their breasts to help dredge meridians. They should lie on their sides and face up while sleeping, so as to avoid sleeping on their backs for a long time. This will only squeeze their breasts and cause sagging.

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