What happened to acne on pregnant face?

Women’s skin condition will be affected if they are pregnant. Some women’s skin will get better after pregnancy, and some women’s skin will become sensitive and even have more acne after pregnancy. This situation makes some female friends who have acne on their faces after pregnancy very upset. I wonder how acne grows on their pregnant faces.

1. After pregnancy, acne will appear on the face, which is mostly caused by the influence of progesterone. Whether it is normal and healthy people or women during pregnancy, as long as the hormone level in the body is disordered, the endocrine of people will be greatly affected, so even the skin will be affected.

2. Another reason why women are prone to acne on their faces during pregnancy is that the food they eat at ordinary times is not light enough, because many people think that nutrition should be increased when they are pregnant, and all kinds of meat are the most nutritious, but in fact, the nutrients in meat are not the most comprehensive, and acne will appear on their faces when they eat too much. If you eat more vegetables, fruits and coarse grains during pregnancy, it will be beneficial to the health of the fetus and the skin of pregnant women.

3. In people’s traditional idea, cosmetics can’t be touched after a woman is pregnant, so many female friends think that even ordinary skin care products can’t be used, and the skin of a pregnant woman is often dry, which is one of the reasons for acne on her face, so it is necessary to hydrate the skin. If you are not sure which skin care products are really safe, you can use a micro spray hydrating instrument to help the skin hydrate. After water and oil balance, the skin won’t get acne again.

During pregnancy, women should pay attention to rest, do not lack sleep, and take good care of their skin, especially in the third trimester. If care is not good, itching will easily occur due to dryness. Usually, you can drink plenty of water or freshly squeezed fruit juice, which is good for skin care.

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