What happened to black blood after abortion?

When a friend is pregnant, abortion may happen, which is mostly caused by low progesterone and abnormal chromosome. After abortion, women need to pay attention to good care, not only stay in bed, but also eat more nutritious food as much as possible. So, what happened to black blood after abortion?

It is normal for women to have black blood after abortion. These black blood are blood stasis in the uterus and need to be discharged. Women should pay attention to bleeding after abortion. If abnormal symptoms appear, it may be caused by disease factors, so they need to seek medical treatment immediately.

Usually, after abortion, the duration of bleeding is 3-7 days, and the amount of bleeding is not much. If women find that there is a lot of bleeding, which has exceeded the amount of menstruation, or the bleeding time has exceeded 10 days, they should be vigilant, which may be caused by incomplete abortion and residues in the uterus.

After abortion, if women have abnormal bleeding, they need to seek medical examination in time, and everyone needs to have an intrauterine B-ultrasound. If residues are found in the examination, you can take drugs to strengthen uterine contraction, which will help to discharge the residues. However, when the residue is large, the medication will not work, so it is necessary to perform a palace cleaning operation as soon as possible, which can clean up the residue.

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