What happened to chin acne?

Acne on the face will affect the beauty of the face, especially some girls are very concerned about acne on their faces. Moreover, some acne has different strengths. For example, some acne often appears in the chin. So, how often does acne grow in the chin?

1. Endocrine disorders. If you have endocrine disorders, you will have acne on your face. In particular, female endocrine disorder will cause androgen and lutein in the body to rise and estrogen to fall, resulting in excessive sebum secretion, which is reflected in facial skin, that is, acne.

2. Causes of mite infection. If women do not pay attention to personal hygiene and clean care, especially young women are prone to face infection with mites. Moreover, mites often feel itchy around the nose and around the mouth of the chin after infection. Aphids can cause pore blockage and prone to blackheads and folliculitis. This is also the common reason why acne easily grows on the face and chin.

3. Skin oil secretion is vigorous. Some adolescent women, with vigorous metabolism and excessive sebum secretion, will also cause facial skin pores to be blocked, which will cause sebaceous gland secretion to be unable to be discharged well, and will be active and convex in pores, forming obvious acne. Moreover, it is easy to appear in the facial triangle, so it is also the main reason for acne on the chin.

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