What happened to flatulence?

Its realization is that many people’s living habits may not be normal. For example, some young people may sleep until late afternoon, so there is no way to eat breakfast on time, and even lunch can’t be eaten normally, which may affect the health of the stomach and intestines. If there is a problem in the stomach, the impact on the body is not small, so what about flatulence?

If you sleep until noon, the whole person must be very hungry, so after getting up and washing, you may eat a lot of food at once, which will lead to flatulence in your stomach, because if you add too much food to your body at once, it will lead to gastrointestinal peristalsis that cannot keep up with eating, so you will have indigestion and flatulence.

In addition, if the food is not particularly chewed, if you swallow it directly, it will also cause flatulence. Because the food is too large, it will take longer to be digested, and it is very likely that it will lead to stomach accumulation.

Besides, exercise can also prevent flatulence. Because of the lack of physical exercise, the speed of gastrointestinal peristalsis may slow down, and there is no way to digest food in time. In addition, eating some foods that are easy to produce gas may also lead to flatulence.

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