What happened to swollen eyes during pregnancy in the morning?

When a pregnant woman wakes up in the morning, if she looks in the mirror carefully, she may find that her eyes are swollen. She obviously has a good rest every day and enough sleep time. However, there is still such a situation, which inevitably makes the pregnant woman feel confused. So, what happened to her eyes swollen in the morning of pregnancy?

Eye swelling in the morning may be due to changes in hormone levels in the body, and sodium retention may occur in the body, resulting in eye swelling, which mostly occurs slowly. Some pregnant women are nervous and prone to insomnia. If they watch their mobile phones frequently, they may also cause eye swelling.

In the middle and late pregnancy, the enlargement of uterus will bring many influences, and the blood circulation will be blocked, which will cause edema in different degrees. If the pregnant woman is overweight, she may also have edema all over her body. Pregnant women’s resistance deviation, if you don’t pay attention to eye hygiene at ordinary times, may cause inflammation around the eyes, thus showing redness, swelling and hot pain. There are many causes of eye swelling, which need to be dealt with according to the results of pregnancy test and the advice of doctors.

In order to alleviate the swelling of eyes, pregnant women can clean their eyes before going to bed, and use sliced cucumbers and then apply them on their eyelids, which can effectively alleviate the swelling. If it is a problem of blood circulation, they can add more pillows, sleep with high pillows, and do more eye care at ordinary times.

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