What happened to the red nose after rhinoplasty for several years?

Nowadays, many people, who feel that they are not good-looking or dissatisfied, will choose to have plastic surgery to make themselves more perfect. Rhinoplasty is common. Everyone wants their nose to be tall and straight, but there are some complications after rhinoplasty. So, what happened to the red nose after a few years of rhinoplasty?

1, the level problem, the prosthesis is too shallow. Many doctors do not have rich technical experience and do not have a solid understanding of nose structure. In practice, the peeling level is too shallow, so it is usually implanted under the skin. This method of rhinoplasty directly leads to redness of nose.

2. The cushion is too high. This is the problem of medical skill. If the prosthesis is placed so high, it is not judged according to the actual situation of skin tissue tension of beauty seekers. If the prosthesis is carved too high, it will make the skin tissue thinner, resulting in poor blood circulation and circulation, so it is red.

3. The skin is too thin. If the skin is too thin for beauty, the prosthesis is used for shaping, and the nose pad is too high. However, due to thin skin, telangiectasia and light, the nose is red.

4. The prosthesis is carved thicker. If the prosthesis carving is very thick, it will appear wide on the whole, not only will the nose be red, but also the nose shape will be unsightly, and it will appear that the nose is heavy and delicate.

To sum up, reddening after rhinoplasty is a complication. After rhinoplasty, we should pay attention to protecting the nose from external factors. When washing face, washing hair and using cosmetics, we should move as gently as possible and pay attention to postoperative care.

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