What happened to the swollen eyes in late pregnancy?

Many women in late pregnancy will have the symptoms of swollen feet and eyes, but most people don’t know what causes this, and they will be very worried, fearing that this situation will affect their health, thus affecting the health of their babies in their stomachs. So what happened to the swollen eyes in the third trimester?

First of all, it is necessary to judge whether it is caused by physiological reasons or diseases. It may just be caused by poor sleep or high blood pressure these days. It is necessary to observe whether there is pain, etc., and then adjust the work and rest time, so that outdoor activities can be properly carried out, and it is also possible to take time to go to the hospital for routine urine test and renal function check to see if there is proteinuria, etc.

In addition, if there is malnutrition, it is also prone to eye swelling, because malnutrition can easily lead to hypoproteinemia, and once this disease occurs, it will lead to various discomforts of patients, such as facial edema, pulmonary edema, eye swelling, memory loss, nausea, loss of appetite and other related symptoms.

Generally speaking, eye swelling during pregnancy is mainly affected by pregnancy hypertension, malnutrition and kidney disease. If there are related symptoms, it is necessary to check them in time to determine what causes them, and then treat them. In addition, during the recovery period, active care should be taken in life, and attention should be paid to regular follow-up visits to hospitals.

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