What happens when you get manicures in two months of pregnancy?

Manicure is a popular way of beauty cosmetics. Many girls like this way. If they decorate their fingers, they will look more beautiful. However, nail polish contains chemical substances, which is harmful to human body, especially for pregnant women. Any carelessness may cause bad effects. So, what happens when they get manicures in two months of pregnancy?

After getting manicures in two months of pregnancy, the fetus may not be deformed, but it will inevitably cause some influences. It is recommended that pregnant women go to the hospital for color Doppler ultrasound, check whether the fetus is abnormal, and do a good job in the new testament examination. Nail polish is harmful. Try to choose other methods to beautify your nails, such as sticking henna, which can also play a decorative role.

After giving birth to a baby, pregnant women should consider applying nails. Now there are many harmless dyeing oils, which can reduce the harm to human body. Pregnant women can choose this kind of nail art, and pay attention to nail hygiene at ordinary times. After touching nail polish after pregnancy, the probability of fetal malformation is relatively high, but it is not certain. Pregnant women should have regular check-ups to monitor the development of the fetus. Once accidents occur, they can be dealt with in time.

Women’s immunity is different. You can consult a doctor when preparing for pregnancy to ensure the health of the mother and fetus. If you are a woman in the nail art industry, you should check more. It is recommended to stop working and concentrate on preparing for pregnancy.

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