What harm does leggings do to legs?

Now everyone attaches great importance to their body shape, and they all hope that their body shape will be better. However, some people will have O-legs, which will have a great impact on their personal image. Some people use leggings to correct O-legs, but it is easy to hurt the legs. So, what harm does leggings do to legs?

If leggings are used to correct O-legs, if the method is improper and leggings are used for too long, it may cause damage to blood vessels and nerves of knee joint, and if it is serious, it may cause nerve necrosis. Therefore, when legging, we must use the correct method, and the legging time should not be too long, especially when sleeping with legs tied.

When leggings are tied, the winding strength should be even, and it is absolutely not allowed to tie only the top but not the bottom. Otherwise, it will cause foot congestion and edema, which will increase the incidence of thrombosis. Therefore, we should be careful in leggings, instead of tying them up, otherwise, we will have no corrective effect and will also damage our health.

Leggings should be tight and loose in time when the legs are swollen. If the leggings are too tight and the legs are swollen and not loosened immediately, it is easy to suffer from osteofascial compartment syndrome, which is a very serious disease, which can easily lead to muscle and nerve necrosis of patients, and may even lead to dangerous situations such as renal failure, which will endanger life safety.

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