What if a child gets second stream?

There are many types of influenza, such as influenza B, which is a common one. Children have lower resistance, so they are more vulnerable to viruses than adults. If the child suffers from influenza B, he needs to go to the hospital for treatment and take good care of it. So, what about the baby’s second stream?

If a child suffers from influenza B, parents can’t take drugs at will, so they need to go to the hospital for corresponding treatment. After the examination, the doctor will use antiviral drugs according to the child’s condition, which can shorten the course of disease and effectively reduce the incidence of complications.

When suffering from B-stream, the onset is more urgent, and patients will have symptoms such as loss of appetite, general ache, chills and fever. It is easy to cause fever when changing B stream. In severe cases, the body temperature may rise to 39~40℃ in one day. At this time, immediate cooling measures must be taken.

When treating your child’s influenza B, you must take the medicine according to the doctor’s advice, and you should also give the child good care, such as eating less and eating more meals. Because after illness, children’s appetite is not very good, and most of them can’t eat anything, so they can eat less every time. In addition, when children suffer from influenza B, they need to add more water. Parents can give their children some fruits, such as apples, oranges and grapefruit.

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