What if a mosquito bites his face?

People are familiar with mosquitoes, and they hate them deeply. Especially in summer, mosquitoes haunt and especially like to bite humans. If you don’t take proper protective measures and anti-mosquito items at night, you will probably be bitten by mosquitoes, and even if you are serious, you will have itching and other symptoms. So, what if the mosquito bites the face?

1. First of all, when mosquitoes bite on the face, it really affects the beauty, and the mood will become not beautiful. At this time, don’t scratch with your hands, and pay attention to your diet! In this way, the body can improve metabolism to the greatest extent, so that the bitten part can be recovered to some extent.

2. You can put a basin of hot water, then wet the towel and gently apply it to the bitten part. By repeating the same operation, the bitten part can be effectively relieved. Pay attention to the water temperature during operation, and do not overheat, so as to avoid damaging the skin.

3. Drink plenty of plain boiled water. When the human body receives more water, it will naturally increase the metabolism of the body. Under normal circumstances, a certain relief effect can be obtained within 3 hours. And drinking plenty of water is also beneficial to people’s health, so it is a good choice!

4. As there are many anti-inflammatory drugs for external use on the market now, if necessary, you can also choose such drugs for smearing. However, before applying the medicine, it is best to consult the doctor whether it can be treated with such external medicine.

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